Friday, 7 April 2017

Neural Network in Forth

I love how people have been inspired to make their own neural networks in their own way, sometimes using R or Julia programming langauages.

I was very pleasantly surprised that Robin had decided to make neural networks in Forth.

Forth is an interesting langauge - you can read about it here, and here - it is a small, efficient and fast language, with applicatiosn often close to the metal.

You can follow Robin's progress here:


  1. In the book, on page 160 code is provided for scorecard.

    if (label == correct_label):
    #network's answer matches correct answer, add 1 to scorecard

    condition for 'if' won't work. It should be rather as:
    if(label == int(correct_label))

    1. Hi java_noob thanks for getting in touch.

      This seems to work for me .. because the correct_label is set to an integer earlier in the code:

      correct_label = int(all_values[0])

      let me know if you still think I have an error